My Biography

I graduated from Haltom High School in 1984. While at Haltom, I was in JROTC and on the rifle marksmanship team. In the summer of 1983, between my junior and senior year, I had turned 17. Shortly after my birthday I joined the U.S. Army in the delayed entry program. My plan was to be a flight operation coordinator. I had always wanted to fly helicopters like my father, but because I do not have 100% color vision, I had to settle on flight operations. A few weeks after graduation I reported to the Dallas Military In processing station, to get shipped to Fort McClellan, Alabama. I was fortunate to get to be one of the 1st to my basic training company. It took 2 weeks to fill the company which gave me a 10-week basic training instead of the normal 8 weeks. After basic I was shipped to Fort Rucker, AL. for advanced individual training, AIT, my military job. Fort Rucker was also the place of my birth, I like to say I was born in L.A., lower Alabama. After AIT, I was stationed in Hunter Army Air Field in Savanah Georgia. My first unit was a helicopter transport company, but I was told that I was assigned to the wrong unit. I was moved to a fixed winged military intelligence, MI, unit. While in the MI unit I was deployed to Honduras 3 times for a total of 6 months. A special operation aviation company was started at Hunter and had an opening for a flight operations coordinator. I was able to transfer to that unit. While I was there, I was able to attend Airborne School and Aircraft Water Survival.

Walter in dispatch

After getting out of the Army I was employed by City Center Security, also know as the Bass Family security. I worked downtown Fort Worth in Sundance Square and the Worthington Hotel. Some of the responsibilities at City Center, was to be a visible deterrent so people wanting to commit crimes would go to part of the city that we did not patrol. Every now and then we would have to remove someone from one of the bars that was in our patrol boundaries. While at City Center Security, I went through the Dallas Baptist University Reserve Police Academy.

In 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait, and the US was going to deploy troops to defend Saudi Arabia. I rejoined the Army to go to the desert. I was trained as a Cannon Crew-member and stationed in Germany. I never made it to the desert, and after a year and half the Army didn’t need all the soldiers anymore, so I was part of the reduction in force and headed back to Haltom City. I did go into the US Army reserves where I became a Drill Sergeant and began training new soldiers in Fort Sill, OK. I got my job back at City Center Security, where I earned a position with the residence division where I was posted at the family houses.

In late 1994 I tested at Haltom City Police Department and passed the application process and became a police officer. It was during my first year at Haltom City PD that my wife Dyanne and I married. After a year on the job, I volunteered for the SWAT team. My first SWAT job was the ram man, which is responsible for opening the door with a weighted pipe. I was on the SWAT team for a total of 6 years.

While still at Haltom City Police Department I applied for an open position in the Criminal Investigation Division. I was assigned to the juvenile desk, since juveniles are handled differently you end up investigating all the different types of crimes. The only crimes I did not investigate were sexual crimes. I spent 5 years in CID and the last crime desk I was assigned to was property, fraud and identification crimes. Visiting the pawnshops and collecting the pawn tickets were some of my duties as a property crimes detective. During my time at the police department, I earned my Bachelor of Business Administration at Northwood University.

A fellow Drill Sergeant friend worked at Microsoft and suggested that I apply for a customer service representative position there. After several interviews I was hired by Microsoft. I would soon get promoted to support a new software called Microsoft CRM. We were expecting our 1st child when I moved to Fargo, North Dakota to get a house ready for my new family. The rest of my family moved to Fargo about 3 months later in August 2003. It was around this time that I ended my time in the US Army reserves. After a year and half, I was hired by a Microsoft partner, that was back in Texas, to manage their Microsoft CRM environment and develop applications for the company. It was during this time that Dyanne had our 2nd child. After a few years I returned to Microsoft as a Premiere Field Engineer. I would travel across the country teaching and providing guidance on the best way to develop Microsoft CRM.

I am now employed by National Oil Varco, where I manage NOV’s CRM organization. I have users across the globe. I live a geek life, fixing and creating new features for my users. For the last two years, during the summer and fall months, I am a band dad (Haltom Hauler), supporting the Pride of Haltom Marching Band. I am privileged to work with other band parents supporting our band and kids. I am amazed at the amount of time and effort these kids put in learning the music and the choreography for the show.

I have served on Haltom City City Council Place 2 for 2 terms now and am running for my 3rd and final term. I have never run on building a new building or getting rid of anything, I have always had 3 things that I want to accomplish while in office, ensuring that the budget is fiscally responsible, improving the perception of Haltom City and getting economic development to grow in the city. I think we have made progress in the time that I have been in office, that is why I am asking Haltom City voters to vote for me for one more term.

I currently sit on the following boards: