About Me

Stolen Signs

On April 11, 2019 at approximately 07:45 PM, I had 2 signs stolen at the corner of Ira and Gene. A silver F250 dropped a white male off and he stole the signs. The suspect then ran east on Ira where the suspect F250 picked up the sign thief. The suspect F250 then showed up at the corner of Sabelle and Gene and then turned south on Gene.

If anyone recognizes the suspect vehicle or the sign thief, please private message me. Thank you.

Ethics Change

I was recently asked what were the things that I had accomplished. One of the items was strengthen the ethics rules regarding the purchase of the Haltom City Economic Development Corporation, EDC. I believe that people that server as councilmembers or members of the EDC should not profit from their position. 

I had proposed that if you server or served as a councilmember or EDC member you cannot purchase property that is owned by the EDC for ten years, but finally passed at two years. The reason for this is that there are very little rules regarding the sale of EDC property. Before I was placed on the EDC board, I had attended meetings where property was in negotiation for sale, and then the EDC board would put something in the deal so it would fail. This could be viewed as a way to not have the EDC property sale, until a member is ready for their project.

The video is the September 25, 2016 council meeting where I introduced the change to the ethics rule.


This is a video of a SWAT raid that I was a part of. I am the officer to the left that walks up the steps with the officer with the shield.

I found this video while going through old city council videos. Being a member of the Haltom City Police Department and the SWAT team has been one of my proudest times in my life. 

Facebook Live

This is the Facebook live that I did on February 12, 2019. It was done in a closed group, so I am posting it, so people that are not in the Haltom City Politics (Uncensored) page can see what had taken place.